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The regular program at LaPerle School provides instruction that follows the mandated Alberta curriculum. Each school in Edmonton Public Schools complements the teaching of the curriculum differently, based on the needs of their students and input from parents.

LaPerle is an elementary school serving a large catchment area. We provide programming for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6, as well as a Strategies program for Grades 4 - 6.

Although children are grouped by years spent in school, we recognize that children learn at different rates and in different ways. We strive to modify the graded curriculum to suit the needs of individual students. We follow the Alberta Education curriculum and offer a balanced program of studies for children, including Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health, Science, Music and Art.

Technology at LaPerle School is viewed as a tool to support engagement in teaching and learning. To ensure students gain the maximum benefit from technology, we integrate its use into curriculum areas.

There is a strong emphasis on 21st Century Literacies at LaPerle School as we believe this supports student growth across the curriculum.

In addition to setting high expectations for academic achievement, LaPerle provides exceptional programming in Music, Art and Physical Education.

The students’ programs are enriched and supplemented by field trips, visitors, and cultural performances.