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Our Goals

At LaPerle School our ultimate goal is to have every student achieve at least one year’s growth in relation to the curriculum standard each year. In previous years most of our students did achieve one or more years growth in reading and writing. To do this we place a strong emphasis in the areas of literacy and numeracy, specifically to engage students in learning through 21st Century Literacies across the curriculum. 

To accomplish our goal, we have set a strategic framework for whole school improvement:

•    develop professional collaboration teams to improve teaching and learning

•    identify, learn and use effective research-based teaching practices

•    create a targeted professional development plan that builds expertise in selected best practices

•    re-align resources (people, time, talent, energy and money) to support the instructional focus

•    engage families and the community in supporting the instructional focus

•    create an internal accountability system growing out of student learning goals that promote measurable gains in learning for every student